Our Story

At NERD we help our clients to discover and develop the stories and assets that connect their organizational values to their audiences.

Our Vision

Our creative thinking is disciplined by rigorous understand of your purpose; giving your organization the confidence your brand will deliver


We combine brand analysis, strategy and carefully crafted, innovative messaging to empower our clients with the confidence to know what they stand for; how to say it, and how to sell it


How it works

Social Media is more than just creating a page.

Initial Setup

New to Social Media or just getting started?

  • Profile Setup

  • Platform Linking

  • Brand Awareness Campaign

  • Initial 30 day Campaign


New to Social Media or just getting started?

  • Content Creation

  • Strategic Campaigns

  • Customer Engagements

  • B2B Marketing

Advertising Campaigns

Revise & Optimize. Consistency is Golden.

  • Allocate Advertising Ad Spend Budget

  • Custom Campaigns

  • Call to Actions

  • Specific Target Marketing

  • Analytics & Reports


Calvin (205)-491-5000

Denver, CO

Emil (425) 239-3749

Seattle, WA